Wheelchair Accessibility in Your Backyard

If you are planning on a backyard project this upcoming summer, why not go ahead and take a little extra time to make it a truly fun, accessible place for anyone who may come into your life?

Having a wheelchair-accessible backyard is not only for families who have to use wheelchairs on a regular basis but it is also a great way to show the world that – at your house – everyone is part of the family. Whether that be for someone using crutches, a chair or someone in prime health, adding accessibility to your home for these people… also adds value. If you ever wish to sell your home, it will be more appealing and more profitable with things like a home lift and smooth pathways.

While there are thousands of different ways to customize an outdoor space for varying degrees of needs, we will simply focus on the larger, general issues. If you have someone in your family who uses a chair or crutches daily that lives in your home, you will want to be more in depth with your preparations.


The ground should be nice and smooth for wheelchair accessibility. Wheelchairs need 60″ space for making turns… and doing wheelies. Everyone loves those!

It’s nice to have a smooth spaces for wheelchairs.


If you use more than one area of your outdoors for entertaining, then you will want to form some paths between them to making traveling to and fro easy for your guests.

Likewise, it will make life a whole lot easier for your visitors if you have an accessible path that extends from the curbside to the back of the house. This helps them to avoid any challenges they may face trying to navigate your home if it is not as easily accessible space as of yet. When making paths, all should be 3-5 feet wide, 42″ and most of all smooth.


A wheelchair takes up a lot of space at a table and underneath. You can make your guests truly comfortable at the table by ensuring they have plenty of space to pull up and put their legs under. You can even make custom tables if you wish.

A wheelchair takes up a lot of space at a table and underneath.

As summer quickly approaches, let’s all get in the habit of making our homes not only fun… but fun for everyone!