The Most Popular Home Renovations

Homeowners who are choosing to stay in their home for longer are realizing how beneficial home renovations can be. Whether you just want a better place to live or are adding value to your investment, these types of home renovation are the most popular.


Kitchen renovations are the most popular major renovation.

Whether you want a larger and more useful space, or upgraded and more efficient appliances, kitchen renovations are the most popular major renovation, and can also boost the resale value of your home.


Another major renovation is to the bathroom, although large-scale projects such as new plumbing can mean the bathroom can’t be used during the renovation work. Installing greener fixtures can save money and help the environment, and renovating the bathroom gives you a more relaxing and luxurious place to get ready for the day or to escape the stresses of daily life.


If you have a basement, it can be transformed into a bedroom suite, separate apartment, game room or media room so it isn’t surprising that basement renovations are popular. Be prepared for a sophisticated, costly and time-consuming process although transforming your basement into usable space is another great way to boost your home’s value.


An addition to your home can increase its square footage and provide an extra office, family room or sunroom as well as an extra bedroom for a growing family or older child. Plan on altering the internal structure of your home if you undertake this major home renovation.

Adding a New Bathroom

Renovating the bathroom gives you a more relaxing and luxurious place to get ready for the day.

If you need an extra bathroom for the kids or a guest bedroom, adding another one is a significant undertaking, but also one that can give your home some much needed extra space.

Unless you have experience in construction, you will need the expertise of a contractor or renovation company for any of the home renovations described here, although the result is well worth the trouble and the expense.